Gragnola by its numbers

The municipality of Fivizzano owns the village of Gragnola. It can be found in the province of Massa- Carrara which is in the province of Toscana. This village of Gragnola is more or less 5 kilometers from the same town of the municipality of Fivizzano and can be found to have risen from more or less 160 meters from sea level. This village is not dense as it only has around less thousands of population where the number of females and males are of almost same value.

Gragnola is not a very industrialized village as some of the cities of Italy. It only have 221 working buildings that are used for residential, commercial  and productive uses. The buildings that were made were used with bricks, concretes, woods, steels and so on. Some of the building of Gragnola were already set up since 1919 and had continued to develop during the 60s and 70s. Minimal constructions of buildings were seen in the year 2000s even today.

Gragnola is not a place of which you try to find a luxuorios lifestyle but instead this is a village filled with simplicity but class. Italy which is its mother nation is one of the best place in Europe so if you plan to visit Italy, Gragnola which is not a remote place or village is also a good place to see and check. It has buildings over 100 years old now which is a good to run in together with its history.