Gragnola, Italy: Beauty and History

Gragnola, Italy is just a village in province of Massa and Carra, Italy and that has an amazing history of time and life. In reality, Gragnola is not a village.

The symbol of this city is the Castel dell’Aquila which is known as Eagle’s Castle. This is a very important story of Gragnola. The castle stands high with its historic ruins and walls. In fact, Gragnola has only remained walls and trees surrounding the village. This is because people just remember the times this land was living and active until it was destroyed. Around Gragnola are houses recently built. In fact, 14th to 16th century are the times when marquises were taking the lead of the village in those days and suddenly the marquises disappeared without a trace.

In Italy, Gragnola is a trade market center of wheat, grano in Italian language, which the name Gragnola was brought out.  Until now, people just look up at the castle overlooking at the village. People just see the remains of the village and could fathom the heart of its remains. As a matter of fact, people could build up the city again and make it live again. But to this moment, people could just remember their past history and could no longer to return the past. For sure, the castle will always stay as a remembrance for the marquises who have built up the walls as a protection against the enemies and who also caused the downfall of the city due to a treachery. A knight’s remain were also found under deep inside the walls. A tragic history may bring sorrow to the heart of people.